Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is defined as a short-term real estate loan that gives the property owner time to complete some task – such as improving the property, finding a new tenant and/or selling the property. The typical commercial property bridge loan has a term of one to two years, although many commercial bridge loan lenders will grant the owner the option to extend his loan for six months to one year for a fee of between a half-point point to two points.

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Bridge Loans are a great first-look for commercial real estate investor seeking short-term financing (up to 3 years) and low interest-only payments to "bridge the gap" for investors.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. has a proprietary bridge loan platform that offers temporary financing for borrowers seeking to rehab or reposition commercial properties. These are properties that may not qualify for permanent financing. They could also be properties whose short-term goals require short-term financing.

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What’s our deal? W Financial is a New York-based commercial real estate lender specializing in time-sensitive bridge loans ranging from $1 million to more than $50 million. When a deal is complex, unusual or time is short, we provide our borrowers with certainty of execution. In other words, our deal is making sure you close your deal.

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In the realm of commercial real estate, a bridge loan is typically used until more permanent financing, such as a mortgage, can be arranged. Hard money loans.

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With a firm grasp on the commercial real estate financing basics, investors should have a slid commercial foundation to build off of. Commercial real estate loans are a bit more complex than residential loans, but they are necessary for larger projects further down investors’ careers.

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Archway Fund | Direct Bridge Lender for Commercial Real Estate Loans Bridge loans are often used for commercial real estate purchases to quickly close on a property, retrieve real estate from foreclosure,

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