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TABLE OF CONTENTS – REINFORCING STEEL CHAPTER 7 FILE NO.. Development length andlap splice length shall be determinedin accordance with the AASHTO. the designer needs to calculate the development lengths and lap splice lengths per the AASHTO LRFD specifications 8th Edition.

Formula for development length(Ld) is – Ld= 0.87 X grade of steel X Dia of bar / 4 X bond stress of concrete . Value of Bond stress can be increased by 60% when high yield strength deformed( HYSD) bars are used. It can be further increased by 25% when we calculate development length for bars in compression.

Building codes include requirements for minimum rein- forcement development lengths and splice lengths, as well as requirements for standard hooks,

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The length of a pipe that is used in plumbing is an important calculation. This measurement helps plumbers to calculate the amount and cost of supplies needed for a project. Pipe length also is an important consideration when it comes to water pressure. The developed length of a pipe is a measurement that is conducted along the center of a pipe.

Download Reinforcement Development Length Calculator for free. Reinforcement Development Length Calculator – The program uses the ACI 318 equations to calculate the. In the case of the new-for-2004 Wrangler Unlimited, jeep added 15 inches of length to its stubby TJ. said was the impetus.

Development Length. The concept of "de-velopment length" of reinforcing bars was intro-duced in the 318-71 ACI Building Code [1971]. Provisions in the Code attempt to account for the many variables affecting the tension develop-ment length, d, of a straight bar. These variables include: Bar size Yield strength of the bar

And for calculating accurate sheet metal developed length you need to accurately calculate sheet metal bending allowance and for bending allowance calculation you need to have accurate K factor value. The procedure discussed in this sheet metal design guide is the simplest way to calculate bend allowance with accepted accuracy. Related Reading

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Sheet thickness (in): Die edge radius (in): punch edge radius (in): Bend length (in): Ultimate tensile strength (psi): Factor of safety:

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